FSU Player Proposes After Crushing Loss To Jacksonville State

florida state football


If you had the Florida State vs. Jacksonville State game as being the most talked-about game on social media this weekend congratulations, and go by a lottery ticket now. Memes were born, and chaos ensued as Jacksonville State ripped the hearts out of the Seminoles fan base. However, one Florida State player took the idea of it’s just a game to an even bigger scale.

First, the ending of the game. The radio broadcast from Jacksonville State will go down as one of the greatest calls to a college football miracle in the sport’s history. With Florida State forgetting how to tackle, Jacksonville State completed the miracle play and shocked everyone in the stadium. Including a few cheerleaders from Florida State.

In a moment of shock and holding back laughter, the Florida State cheerleaders became an instant meme for the 2021 college football season. Every emotion was felt during the Gamecocks celebration. One emotion that a certain FSU player felt after the game was, surprisingly, love.

Once you’ve decided to propose before the game, there’s no going back. Especially when you believe your team will roll a lower-tier team and give you the perfect storybook proposal. However, this game became the perfect storm of shock and awe, leaving fans wondering if anything from this game actually happened. Hollywood, if you were watching, this is the perfect story for the next iconic sports movie.


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