Ron Rivera Gives Classic Boomer Take On NFL’s Taunting Crackdown

Mobile, ALABAMA, January 24, 2017: NFL Carolina Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera attends a Reese's Senior Bowl practice at Ladd-Peebles Stadium.


Ron Rivera is probably going to have some trolling coming his way after comments about the NFL’s crackdown on taunting.

The 59-year-old head coach of the Washington Football Team believes that the NFL is acting in the best interest of youngsters by penalizing taunting because kids playing peewee ball don’t need to see NFL players having fun acting out.

Rivera, a member of the league’s Competition Committee, shared his classic boomer take with members of the media.

“If you make a great play, great. Be excited, but don’t do it towards your opponent. That’s all we’re asking. That’s what the rule is for. Cause what we don’t want is an escalation of some things that have happened in the past. I think last year, two teams got into it where wide receivers and DB’s were going at each other. A year ago we have one where two teams are going at each other. I mean, you don’t want to see that situation. That’s not a good look for any sport, let alone football and somebody’s going to get hurt and you just don’t want that. And that’s why they’re doing it. That’s what the emphasis, that’s why everybody’s just got to relax, calm down. Let us go through this process of trying to make sure the players understand that, hey guys, you can celebrate and can have a good time, but don’t taunt your opponent because we don’t want the retaliation in this league,” Rivera said, via Pro Football Talk.

“We really don’t because it is not a good look. Quite honestly, we don’t need the young people to see that. We don’t need the pop warner, peewee football kids seeing us act like that. We want to put it out there as professionally as possible.”

A majority of fans and players have been criticizing the No Fun League for its decision to move forward with the crackdown on taunting, but it’s something everyone will have to deal with during the upcoming season.

Let’s just hope that there are no games decided because of an absurd penalty for taunting.

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