EA Sports Issues Statement On NIL Ruling, NCAA Football Video Game Return

February 27, 2020, Brazil. In this photo illustration the EA Sports logo app is seen displayed on a smartphone.


The NCAA’s NIL ruling which will allow student-athletes to sign sponsorships and earn money off of their name, image, and likeness is a game-changer for the athletes.

And now, it could also be a game-changer for the video game world.

On Thursday, EA Sports released a statement on the return of EA Sports College Football and said that the NIL ruling allows the company to explore the possibility of including actual players in the reboot of the popular video game.

“We are watching the recent developments regarding student-athlete name, image and likeness very closely. It’s still very early stages at this point, and we plan to explore the possibility of including players in EA SPORTS College Football,” the company said in a statement.

“For now, our development team is focused on working with our partners at CLC to ensure the game authentically showcases the great sport of college football and the more than 100 institutions signed on to be featured in our game.”

EA Sports College Football was last released with the NCAA Football 14 edition which featured Michigan’s Denard Robinson on the cover.

The legal issues surrounding player likeness forced the company to shelf the game and stop its production, but EA Sports previously announced the game would be returning.

And because of the NCAA’s NIL ruling, it could be better than ever.

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