Stephen A Smith Says Ben Simmons Could Land With Warriors

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Ben Simmons’ postseason showing left a lot to be desired, and now many believe he could be on the way out in Philadelphia.

But this week, the 76ers attempted to squash trade rumors by saying Simmons would be a key part of the franchise moving forward. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith isn’t buying what they’re selling, however.

According to Smith, the 76ers claiming Simmons is a key part of the team is a “lie,” and there is one team that could pursue him via trade.

“It’s a lie,” Smith said, via the New York Post. “It’s just that they’re not interested getting trash back for him… Hell yeah, they’ll move him if it’s the right offer. They won’t move him for garbage, but I know a lot of people in Philly,” Smith said, alluding to connections made from his time as a columnist at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Let them get the right offer and Ben is gone.

“The Warriors are going to make a push for Simmons. It’s possible Ben Simmons could end up in Golden State. The calls have already been made and things are percolating.”

That would certainly be an interesting move.

With the Warriors hoping to bounce back in 2021, any pieces that they add could help it become a reality. And for a team that could use improvement on defense, Simmons could be a welcomed addition.

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