There Was A Tiger On The Loose In A Texas Neighborhood (VIDEO)

The Siberian tiger,Panthera tigris altaica is the biggest cat in the world


A wild viral video is making the rounds on social media that shows a tiger freely roaming a neighborhood in Houston, Texas.

As the tiger made its way across the street, another man — who is reportedly a police officer — pulled a gun on the animal in an attempt to control the situation while urging others to get inside.

Eventually, the owner came to retrieve its pet tiger and no one was harmed.

But wait, there’s more.

According to TMZ, the Houston Police Department arrived in the area shortly after the tiger was spotted but the owner had already fled in a white Jeep Cherokee. After a brief chase, the police lost sight of the vehicle but were able to write down its plates.

The police believe the man was illegally holding the tiger in his home — which makes sense because it is illegal to own exotic pets in Houston.

Here is the wild video.

A local Houston news station had more on the wild matter.

If you have to have a dog on a leash, let’s make sure we appl the same to tigers moving forward. Or maybe let’s not have anyone secretly housing tigers inside their homes.

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