WATCH: Boston Barber Stabs Himself In ‘Very Freak Accident’



A “very freak accident” at a Boston barbershop could have cost a barber his life.

In footage obtained by the Boston Globe, 29-year-old Steve Silva was cutting a client’s hair at Boston Barber Company when he tripped and fell onto his scissors. Silva suffered a stab wound to the center of his chest which was just one-inch from puncturing his heart.

Silva struck an artery when the scissors pierced his chest.

“He made his way to the left side of the client’s head and he lost his footing and fell forward really fast and hard,” shop owner Robert Dello Russo said. “The shears were positioned directly toward his chest as he fell and it entered his chest cavity in the dead center of his chest.

“As he popped back up, he realized what happened and he actually said out loud ‘I just stabbed myself.’ He pulled the shears out of his chest himself and that’s when all the blood started pouring out. The hole was really big in his chest and the room filled up with blood really fast.”

Silva is in stable condition and has since been out of the ICU, but the injury could keep him in the hospital for weeks.

You can check out video of the wild incident below.

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