Oklahoma Lawmaker Proposes ‘Bigfoot Hunting Season’



We know political conversations can get a little rocky, but this is something we can all get behind. Oklahoma State Representative Justin Humphrey has a wild idea that sasquatch hunters will love: bigfoot hunting season.

That’s right, Humphrey introduced a bill this week that would create a “bigfoot hunting season” in the state that is complete with a license and tags to bag yourself a sasquatch.

Oklahoma already has a bigfoot festival every October, and that could be followed by bigfoot hunting season beginning on November 1 is his bill is passed.

It could even come with a reward, according to TMZ:

Humphrey reportedly wants people to trap bigfoot instead of killing it, and hopes to create a $25,000 bounty for the first person to catch the creature.

Let’s hope that this bill gets passed into law, because the stories and bigfoot hunting videos that we would get from this would set the internet on fire.

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