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Jul 7, 2015

Trevor Knight’s New Girlfriend Is Rachel Wyatt, A Clemson Cheerleader

  Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight has traded in one hot girlfriend for another hot girlfriend. Knight is now dating Rachel...

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Aug 14, 2013

Barry Switzer’s Week: Saves Puppy From Hot Van & Ends Up In OU Tri Delt House

Update: Barry was at the Tri Delt house for Bid Day. Yeah, he’s still full of game. Also note his...

Jan 31, 2013

Little Kid Runs On Court During Baylor-Oklahoma Game [VIDEO]

Didn’t watch the Baylor-Oklahoma game last night? Well neither did we because who wants to watch two mediocre Big 12...

Jan 27, 2013

KU Boobs Update: KU Boobs Help Jayhawks Beat Sooners, OU Boobs [PHOTOS]

Third-ranked Kansas beat Big 12 rival Oklahoma, 67-54, yesterday to win their 17th straight game and perhaps audition for the...

Oct 17, 2012

2012 Red River Rivalry’s Best Drunken OU Dancing Moron [VIDEO]

You think one loss to Kansas State would derail the season for the Sooners? Nope, not a chance. Fresh off...

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Oct 16, 2009

Bad News Oklahoma Fan: OU Wins 2009 Southwest Airlines Plane Pull, Usually Means Loss In Red River Shootout

Southwest Airlines held its annual Plane Pull yesterday at Love Field. The pull pits Texas fans vs. Oklahoma fans in...