What Should The Big Ten Do For Ohio State’s Playoff Hopes?

COLUMBUS, OH - JUNE 25: The sign for Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio is shown on June 25, 2017. It is the home of the Ohio State University Buckeyes.


The Ohio State football program is in an unexpected predicament after the Michigan Wolverines canceled this weekend’s rivalry game because they were unable to field a full team due to a COVID-19 outbreak within the program.

Ohio State is currently ineligible for the Big Ten Championship because they have not played the required six games which could hurt their College Football Playoff chances.

Now, everyone realizes that Ohio State is one of the top teams in the country and excluding them from the conference championship and postseason would be absurd.

But what exactly can the Big Ten do?

Former Michigan star and current ESPN analyst Desmond Howard has some ideas. During an appearance on Get Up! Wednesday morning, Howard said the conference needs to work to find Ohio State another game to allow them to qualify.

From 247Sports:

“I think they should try and find Ohio State a game and I think they will find Ohio State a game,” Howard said. “When you look at the comments coming out of the Big Ten…you can tell everyone is trying to finagle a way to figure out how do we get Ohio State into the Big Ten championship game because they want to get them to the college football playoff. That’s the Big Ten’s best team. Even Barry Alvarez, Wisconsin’s athletic director, made that same exact statement last week.

“It’s not like they haven’t thought about this. They understood what was ahead of them, they knew what was coming. They’ve seen how many teams had to cancel practices and games due to COVID. They knew what was looming on the horizon but the Buckeyes, I believe are prepared for this and will make a statement sometime today.”

It seems like a simple resolution, so let’s hope that everyone can find a way to make this work — and make it happen soon.

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