Top 5 Most Likely Landing Spots for Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi


Lionel Messi is already considered one of the top footballers of all time. The 33-year-old Argentinian has scored over 700 career goals for club and country and has won a record six Ballon d’Ors, the most prestigious individual award for football players. Messi has played his entire career with La Liga club FC Barcelona but that will all change next season. Messi has recently requested a transfer from his longtime club as he seeks a new challenge in the next stage of his prestigious career. Now, there are already many top football clubs around the world vying for the Barcelona legend’s services. With this in mind, here are Messi’s top five most likely landing spots in a transfer from FC Barcelona.

Manchester City

Manchester City has been one of the Premier League’s top all-around clubs over the past few years. The Premier League is one of the most competitive and talent-rich football leagues in the world, which would certainly give Messi a suitable challenge. Manchester City’s giant bank balance seems the most likely to satisfy Messi’s massive wage demands, giving them an upper hand. Additionally, this move would re-unite Messi with manager Pep Guardiola after the pair ushered in a golden era during his prime years with Barcelona.


PSG is the largest and by far the most successful club in France, but they have set their sights on larger heights. Despite dominating France Ligue 1 every year, they have never been able to achieve much success or glory in the UEFA Champions League. With plenty of financial backing, adding Messi could help PSG reach that next level they have long desired. A move to Paris would also reunite Messi with former Barcelona teammate Neymar alongside rising French superstar Kylian Mbappe.


This Italian juggernaut is in a rebuilding period following another disappointing Champions League exit this year. Despite their European level disappointments, Juventus is still one of the top clubs in Italy’s Serie A and would greatly benefit from adding Messi. This move would put Messi on the same club as long-time Real Madrid rival Cristiano Ronaldo, which would be quite a sight for football fans to see. The big question mark, however, is if Juventus would be able to afford Messi’s hefty price tag to bring him on.

Manchester United

Manchester United is the most likely Premier League club to land Messi’s services besides their cross-town rivals Manchester City. Manchester United has the heritage, status and funds fitting for Messi, which would be the main appeal for him to join the club. However, the biggest question mark is if Messi would be willing to join the club considering their performance as of late. A longtime Premier League juggernaut, Manchester United finished in a distant third in this year’s league table. Time will tell if Messi would be willing to take on the challenge and help build Manchester United back up to a top-flight European club.

Inter Milan

Along with Juventus, Inter Milan is one of the top clubs in Italy. Inter has been on an upwards trajectory as of late as they finished in a close second in this year’s Serie A, only a single point behind Juventus. Adding Messi to the club would help Inter reach another level in finding further domestic and European success. Transferring to Inter would also bring the exciting prospect of resuming Messi’s longtime rivalry with Ronaldo. The two competed against each other on opposing sides in La Liga for years, and this move would put the two superstars on rival clubs in the same league for the first time since Ronaldo transferred to Juventus from Real Madrid in 2018.



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