St. Louis MLS Expansion Team Unveil Name, Crest and Colors

Team ownership for the St. Louis MLS expansion team unveiled the club’s name, crest and colors in an August 13 announcement.

St. Louis’ long-awaited soccer team will be called St. Louis City SC. The club will officially make its MLS debut in 2023.

“St. Louis City SC is a reflection of the STLMade movement that is at the heart of everything we do, and truly represents our region’s diverse and optimistic spirit,” St. Louis SC CEO Carolyn Kindle-Betz said in a statement. “Our desire from day one has been to be bigger than soccer and to become part of the fabric of St. Louis and a symbol of our future. This is a significant step forward for our club — and our region.”

Kindle-Betz said the organization accepted over 6,000 submissions from fans, with 400 of them containing some form of the name “City.” She believes that the name fits well with the sport’s deep history in St. Louis.

During an August 13 virtual event, Kindle-Betz made the highly anticipated announcement. The team crest and colors unveiled during the announcement are meant to reflect the city’s flag. The logo highlights the Gateway Arch and the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, two of St. Louis’ most well-known symbols. Red, navy and yellow serve as the primary colors for the club.

“The Cardinal red is so iconic and generations know Cardinal red, so we wanted to make sure that we base our color palette on the St. Louis city flag,” Kindle-Betz said. “We wanted to make sure that our red was unique to St. Louis City SC with a little bit of that pink you can see if you look at it in the right light.”

“It’s a vision that reflects a modern interpretation of our city, while paying homage to the icons that everyone recognizes both nationally and internationally,” said owner and chief design architect Lee Broughton.

The St. Louis City SC logo is also meant to be a celebration of the city’s neighborhoods and diversity, according to Broughton.

“[The city’s] neighborhoods have such an ingrained sense of passion for those that reside in them,” he said. “And then there’s a history in soccer that is arguably unprecedented in America. We often refer to ourselves as America’s first soccer capital. We also wanted to make sure that we were pointing towards the future, and that we were united around the idea of this sport and a sense of aspiration together towards growth and a cultural renaissance.”

Finally, Kindle-Betz expressed appreciation for the team’s fans and the input they provided throughout the whole process.

“They’ve been very patient, very supportive and loyal,” she said. “And we want to make sure that we continue to exceed their expectations.”


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