The NBA’s Orlando Bubble Food Isn’t As Bad As The MLS; But Still Not Great

nba bubble food


NBA players are starting to arrive in Orlando, Florida as the league prepares to resume the season following its coronavirus-induced break. With players beginning to show up, we’re getting our first look at life inside of the NBA bubble.

We already know there will be no guests — which includes sidepieces, sorry JR Smith — and now we’re checking out the menu.

For guys who are used to enjoying personal chefs, this is going to be rough.

Chris Chiozza of the Brooklyn Nets and Troy Daniels of the Denver Nuggets took to social media to share their meal from Night 1 of the NBA Bubble life. And while it’s not as embarrassing as the Fyre Fest quality sandwiches MLS players received, it’s still a struggle meal for any professional athlete.

Here’s the meal from Chiozza, which includes some high school cafeteria mashed potatoes, dry penne, what appears to be some sort of “watermelon salad” and a piece of rubber they’re trying to pass off as chicken.

The menu actually claims Chiozza’s meal is “Italian grilled chicken with natural jus, parmesan polenta with sundried tomatoes” and “pasta with impossible bolognese sauce, and roasted summer vegetables.”

Daniels showed off his meal in a spread along with the menu, which advertises the meal as “fresh garden greens, arugula, watermelon, pickled red onions, goat cheese with raspberry vinaigrette.”

But here is what you actually get:

Close enough? We all know LeBron will not be eating this.

And to provide proof, here is Kyle Kuzma flexing on the players who are already in the bubble while the Los Angeles Lakers prepare to fly out on Thursday.

Instagram/Kyle Kuzma
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