NSFWBDs React to Patrick Mahomes’ Mega Contract

Patrick Mahomes - NFL PRO BOWL Practice 2019 at the ESPN WILD WORLD OF SPORTS COMPLEX in Orlando Florida USA on Friday 25th January 2019


If you haven’t heard by now, Patrick Mahomes is an insanely rich man. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback signed a record-breaking contract extension that could pay him up to $500 million of the next decade.

That’s right, Mahomes was able to convince a team in a league with a salary cap to sign a 10-year contract that would make most MLB stars jealous.

Naturally, social media had plenty to say about the news that Mahomes signed an absurdly rich contract with the Chiefs after securing a league MVP and Lombardi Trophy under his belt, and the reactions were internet gold.

Let’s check in with what the NSFWBDs had to say.

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