MLB, Players Union Close To Deal On 2020 Season

Last week we reported that the MLB was in fact coming back this year, as the words came straight from Rob Manfred, the current commissioner. Since then, there’s been a rollercoaster of emotions as it’s at times appeared that baseball wouldn’t be coming back at all. This tweet from 3 days ago seemed to be the final nail in the coffin after weeks of failed negotiations between the league/owners and players:



Rob Manfred has shown before that we can’t really take his word for literally anything, so the fact that he gave us all so much hope just to shoot it down days later was pretty maddening. Naturally, as with most things these days, Twitter exploded and sportswriters everywhere took the opportunity to express their opinions:




Just when everything seemed hopeless, a full two days later, reporter Jon Heyman broke the news that things were back on track and the demands of players were actually being met.



Absolute insanity that the league would not only get their shit together, but with a proposal that makes sense? Maybe there really are baseball gods and they just felt too bad for us at this point. Negotiations are still ongoing at of this writing regarding the exact number of games that will be played (in the 60-70 range), but the optimism level is at an all time high. Without jumping to a final conclusion, it sure looks like baseball is back, folks!

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