Elizabeth Loaiza Gets The Day Rolling, Inside Ibiza Parties In The 90s & Denny Hamlin’s Mask


Last night was a sneaky good night of sports. I forgot all about NASCAR’s live race until about 50 laps to go which was perfect timing to see all the action I needed. Then that ended and I got to see the end of the 1998 Finals in HD. You forget that Bob Costas called basketball back in those days. Today you’ll get a LIVE Xfinity race at noon on FS1. That’s right, live sports on a Thursday afternoon. Nature is healing itself.

Elizabeth Loaiza gets the day rolling around here

What were Ibiza parties really like back in the 90s? Looks like I should’ve gone there on spring break

Up & coming Vegas magician visits Jeff Lowe at Joe Exotic’s zoo…collab time?

Denny Hamlin debuts smile mask which will be all the rage

Why do I think the NFL will welcome back fans? $5.5 billion

Florida Men get into a paint battle at Home Depot & paint goes flying

Bad boy Matt Lauer has a new forearm tat

Beatriz Gutierrez Cerezo waiting to play tennis again

OOOooooooooooooo Pre-Rona Video of the Week


Burger of the Day


Sydney Sweeney Makes BC Debut, Joe Rogan Gets Paid & Dejounte Murray Dunks On Neighbor Kids
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