Meet Beatriz Gutierrez Cerezo – Alabama A&M Tennis Player

Beatriz Gutierrez Cerezo from the Alabama A&M tennis team will leave behind the NCAA after this school year and enter into the real world with a massive Instagram following and what I would assume would be the ability to develop her own tennis influencing career without ever stepping foot on the court at an ATP event. Now sitting at 42,200+ followers, Bea Guti has done an excellent job during her A&M career building up a massive following that she can then capitalize on once the NCAA gangsters get out of her life once and for all.

Originally from Palencia, Spain, Gutierrez somehow ended up in Huntsville, Alabama playing tennis at a SWAC school and has somehow been able to pump out enough content to gather up those 42k followers. That should tell you what we’re dealing with here. If Beatriz can do that kind of work in Huntsville, Alabama, just think what she’s capable of when a tennis brand has her traveling the world fake playing tennis for content shoots. Maybe throw her into a celebrity tournament here and there and you have a brand ambassador that’s going to sell some product.

As for Bea’s tennis game, Alabama A&M isn’t pouring many resources into keeping track of stats, results, etc. Not like it matters at the end of the day. Bea has the A&M tennis gear, she’s been there four years and was even the SWAC SAAC Vice President 18-19’. She’s had a legit college career.

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