Liv Cowherd is the New Queen of Twitter

For those that haven’t heard, hot-take artist and Baker Mayfield’s mortal enemy, Colin Cowherd, has a daughter. Her name is Liv Cowherd and she has been going viral every few days on Twitter the last couple of months. As you can see in the picture above, she takes after her father’s takes, scorching hot. Liv is a “student” at Arizona State (of course) and was seemingly absent from public life until a few months ago when some hero on Twitter discovered who she was.

*chef’s kiss*

The perfect tweet. Yes, she is an absolute missile. But the phrase “for the streets” is probably the best thing I have ever heard in my life. This tweet obviously gained some traction and made its way to Liv.

Then… the replies started pouring in… and somehow the replies TO the replies were even better.

This kinda thing had already been a new trend on Twitter. When someone shoots their shot in a girl’s mentions, a bunch of dudes reply saying things like “thanks for lending me your helicopter so I could make it to the hospital in time to see my kids be born” or something to that effect to hyperbolically hype up the guy in the original reply. Her mentions were littered with these.

The next few weeks there would still be the occasional tweet of someone shooting their shot but nothing too crazy.

Until Halloween…

Ho. Ly. Shit.

Not only does she look like an absolute rocket, but the construction worker outfit with the “she belongs to the streets” caption. I mean… Liv had made it. This was the best tweet I had seen in a long, long time. She seemed to have fully embraced her new internet fame and the memes, and she was all in. Oh, she was allll in.

Please read the replies to this video. They are incredible.

That might be my favorite tweet out of all of them in here.

Then the newest trend seemed to be people wanting her socks. I don’t even know at this point, guys.

Then… something special happened. Something I could have never seen coming. Liv went all in.

You can now buy Liv Cowherd socks that say “liv cowherd’s socks.” What fucking planet do we live on? And the replies to this tweet are the best replies to any tweet ever tweeted.

And then we get this RT from Liv…

That’s right. As I mentioned earlier, Baker Mayfield and Colin Cowherd have been arch-rivals since Baker’s Oklahoma days. Now Baker has the greatest trump card of all now that Cowherd’s daughter, self-admittedly, belongs to the streets. Let’s see if anyone has been using this against Colin…

*insert Jim Halpert YIKES meme*

Oh. my. lord. If I was Colin Cowherd I would quit the internet in an instant and never ever return. I would live in my studio, never take calls, never look at social media again, and just keep taking my millions from Fox until I could buy a private island and move there.

Back to our saga.

Once Liv went all-in on Twitter, Twitter decided to go all-in on Liv.

Next, we saw the greatest tweet of this whole saga.

I mean come on. Perfection.


And they just kept coming…

Her socks were the talk of Christmas…

I refuse to give him free press so I won’t even link his account in here but she personally won my heart by murdering the most obnoxious shitty account on Twitter. If you know you know and you can go find those tweets.

Fast forward to this week… the world is falling apart and apparently we might be going to WWIII. Well, what does every soldier need?

That’s good Twittering right there folks.

The biggest trending topics/memes/videos are now being used just to get Liv’s attention:


Finally, Liv made it to 100k followers after just 3 months of belonging to the streets. She is currently a rocket shooting to the moon on social media so buy your stock fast because she will be at 500k in no time.

Twitter can honestly be so shitty and the internet can be such a dark place so much of the time, but it’s shit like this that makes us remember why Twitter is the greatest website on the planet. Explaining why Liv Cowherd is even relevant in the first place, to the initial “belongs to the streets” tweet, to her reply guys, to her eventually selling her own socks, it has been a hell of a ride and I will keep blogging it because it is what makes Twitter the best. Now concludes my 800-word blog with 50 embedded tweets about a sports talk show host’s daughter and her socks. Thank you for your time.

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