Emily Tanner From Michigan State, Howard Stern Vs. Trump Supporters & Shaq Has Words For Draymond

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Last night was grass night. Tonight is plant some flowers night. It’s that time of the year. The frosts are finished and it’s time to get plants in the ground. Starting to think about a date to do mulch, get some other junk yanked out of the yard and get set for a quarantine summer. I’m starting to think this is a good time to get some power run into a spot where I can put an outdoor TV, mount some outdoor speakers. If I’m going to be stuck at home I might as well drop some money to make it manageable.

Emily Tanner from Michigan State gets the day rolling

Howard Stern has words for Trump supporters

Sumo wrestler dies from Covid, Sumo Association says

David Beckham’s hair transplant seems to be thinning

Shaq has words for Draymond

The FBI arrests guy for 2011 gambling chip heist from Rio

Looks like an old fashioned White House press corps mask battle’s about to break out

Morgan Avery has her groove back after busting free of quarantine

Didn’t See That Coming Video of the Day

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Sandwich of the Day

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Adi Justis Makes BC Debut, Mike Tyson Looks Ready To Fight & An Incredible Russell Wilson Stat
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