Instagram Quarantine Models: Morgan Avery Breaks Free, Pumps Out Sunny Content

Morgan Avery was one of those Instagram Quarantine Models who had to start repackaging old content and come up with unique ways at home to get through the Rona lockdown. She went through the stuck-at-home stage and now it appears the floodgates have opened because now Morgan has gone on a three-day boating content bender that proves she’s no longer in quarantine and the summer content series is in full swing from her content breeding grounds in Miami.

It must be a huge relief for IG models to be able to pump out that fresh content. Huge burden lifted off their shoulders. Next thing you know the IGs will be heading back to Dubai and Vegas. Summer IS BACK. Morgan IS BACK. The USA IS BACK.

Quarantine Instagram Models: Polina Malinovskaya
Quarantine Instagram Models: Polina Malinovskaya
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