Earl Thomas’s Wife Does The Right Thing & Gets Him Jewelry For His Birthday After Holding Gun To His Head

Earl Thomas shows off a piece of jewelry / via IG

Earl Thomas celebrated his 31st birthday on Thursday by going viral with news of his April orgy gone bad leaking out on TMZ and turning into the leading story out of the NFL for the day. Any time an NFL wife holds a 9 to a guy’s head while he’s naked in bed with his brother while trying to bang chicks during an orgy, you’re going to dominate the news cycle and that’s exactly where Earl found himself.

But there’s good news at the end of the day for Earl and his wife, Nina. It appears Nina did the right thing for Earl’s birthday and got him a crazy diamond necklace pendant or whatever you call this thing — presumably with Earl’s money — from jeweler to the stars, ZoFrost of Houston.

All appears to be right in the world for Earl now that his orgy’s 15 minutes seems to be up.


NSFWBDs React To Earl Thomas Orgy Drama
NSFWBDs React To Earl Thomas Orgy Drama
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