Michael Jordan

Dec 20, 2016

Michael Jordan’s Golf Swing is Something

Someone needs a new instructor.

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Dec 7, 2016

Scumbag Crashes Into Shoe Store to Steal Air Jordan 11 Space Jams

Jordan Brand has been re-releasing retros for years and years now, yet people still keep thirsting over the same damn...

Stephen Curry Highlights 2016: Best Shots & Plays Of The NBA MVP

Stephen Curry just recently won this years NBA MVP award and in back-to-back seasons. He is the first point guard...

May 10, 2016

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May 16, 2015

Buy Michael Jordan’s Chicago Compound — $14.8 Million

Right off the bat I’m going to tell you this is a bargain. You might be thinking, hey Dan, how...

Apr 24, 2015

Buy Michael Jordan’s 1998 Chevy Silverado — $15,900 on eBay

If you’re a Michael Jordan collector who throws money away on everything from Jordan Brand shoes to game-worn collectibles, then...

Mar 29, 2015

Michael Jordan Still Talks Trash When He Plays Pickup Hoops

This video blew up yesterday, I mean BLEW up. Every media outlet posted it. I don’t blame them, you have...

Dec 20, 2014

Miami U. RB Licks Bottom of Air Jordan XIs During News Interview

  Get ready, here comes your new viral sensation: That’s Miami University running back Paul Moses licking the bottom of...

Oct 28, 2014

Michael Jordan Hornets Twitter Takeover Highlights

  Michael Jordan told Rovell in an interview that aired today on ESPN that he doesn’t have any interest in...

Apr 3, 2014

A-Listers Flock To Michael Jordan’s Golf Tournament In Vegas

Michael Jordan still attracts a crowd. His Airness is hosting his 13th annual celebrity golf invitational at Shadow Creek Golf...

Apr 2, 2014

Buy The Michael Jordan Birmingham Barons Bus – $20,000

  Remember the story back in 1994 when Michael Jordan made his minor league debut with the Birmingham Barons where...

Dec 27, 2013

Odd: Michael Jordan, Kid Rock & Wayne Gretzky Drinking Together

We missed the party Wayne Gretzky hosted for newly inducted Hockey Hall of Fame member Chris Chelios in Toronto last...

Nov 13, 2013

Michael Jordan Playing Beer Pong [PHOTOS]

What do we know about Michael Jordan playing beer pong over the weekend in Miami? He’s not up on the...

Oct 18, 2013

Michael Jordan Auctioning His Overpriced Chicago-Area Home [PHOTOS]

The legend of Michael Jordan dies a little more every day. While his status as basketball’s G.O.A.T remains under assault...

Aug 12, 2013

Yawn – Michael Jordan, 50, Can Still Dunk [VIDEO]

  Why should I get a boner over a 6’6″ Michael Jordan dunking a basketball at 50? It’s not like...

Apr 28, 2013

Michael Jordan Wedding Photos

Michael Jordan married Yvette Prieto on Saturday at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida. Jordan super-friends who...

Apr 11, 2013

The Amazing Michael Jordan Smashing A Backboard Dunk From 1985 [GIF, VIDEO]

One would think that by now, we as sports fans, would have seen every incredible play from Michael Jordan’s career...

Apr 10, 2013

Michael Jordan’s Tricked Out Golf Cart [PHOTOS]

Michael Jordan held his annual golf tournament over the weekend and most media were going nuts over Mike playing against...

Mar 1, 2013

Michael Jordan Buys $3 Million North Carolina Mansion Like It Ain’t No Thang [PHOTOS]

In case you missed the countless hours of Michael Jordan footage on ESPN a few weeks back, MJ recently turned...

Nov 28, 2012

Michael Jordan Banned From Golf Course For Wearing Cargo Pants

Michael Jordan really likes cargo pants. How many more times do we need to show you photos of MJ wearing...

Feb 29, 2012

Michael Jordan Selling House For $29MM [PHOTOS]

Is there a Holy Grail of athlete real estate? Yes, there is and it's the mansion in Highland Park, IL that Michael Jordan is trying to sell. We go through these athlete real estate deals on a daily basis and this $29,000,000 pad speaks for itself. Even Pete Sampras's mansion can't compete. Ever wanted your own basketball arena? Ever wanted 27,000 sq. ft. of house? Are you a new Facebook millionaire? Jump on this one!

Feb 10, 2012

Coach K’s Letter To Michael Jordan After Rejecting Duke [PHOTO]

Duke may be laughing now, after Austin Rivers buried arch rival UNC with a last-second three the other night, but there was a time when things were different. The time we're referring to is a long time ago. It's a time when a skinny North Carolina kid told Mike Krzyzewski & Duke University to dangle, signed with the Tar Heels & went on to become the best basketball player ever. His name was Michael Jordan and here's the letter Krzyzewski sent him after he rejected Duke. Check it!

Feb 8, 2012

UNC-Duke Night: Here’s Dean Smith’s Recruiting Letter To Michael Jordan [PHOTOS]

Michael Jordan is all over this North Carolina basketball thing today. The Tar Heels meet arch rival Duke tonight and the greatest player from either side threw out a little memorabilia via Twitter. Air Jordan posted pictures of a recruiting letter he was sent by Dean Smith and his letter of intent. These, of course, would help UNC win the 1982 National Championship. As for Duke, well, they can pretty much suck it. The letter - JUMP!

Dec 29, 2011

Michael Jordan’s Plane Is In Virgin Islands Without Him [Flight Tracker]

Michael Jordan is engaged, this we know. Jordan popped the question to Yvette Prieto on Christmas & on Tuesday morning he didn't jump in Air 1 & didn't take off from Miami for the Virgin Islands. There's been wild speculation that the couple was celebrating their engagement on the French Riviera, which would be impossible since MJ was sitting with Cam Newton during last night's Heat-Bobcats game in Charlotte. But his insane jet is in the Virgin Islands. JUMP!

Dec 29, 2011

Michael Jordan Engaged To Yvette Prieto [PHOTOS]

WCNC is Charlotte is reporting that Michael Jordan has popped the question to longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto. The source responsible for the engagement news leak says that MJ did the deed on Christmas Day. He then watched the Bobcats season opener with Derek Jeter on Monday. Boss move, Prieto. That's how a guy puts his foot down and claims his turf. You get a ring, access to his millions and His Airness gets to talk Nike with Jetes. PHOTOS of Prieto - JUMP!