Sarah Evertsen Stops By, Peyton Manning Putting On A Broadcasting Clinic & Ohio Woman With An All-Timer

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It’s Friday in case you weren’t keeping track. It’s about to get cold AF here to the point where it’ll be useless to plan yardwork for the next four days. One more weekend to get inside stuff done and don’t forget you’re getting LIVE UFC this weekend. UFC 249 will be a PPV so get your Reddit links lined up.

Sarah Evertsen gets things rolling on a Friday

South African couple drink home brew during Rona, die

Barbara from ‘Shark Tank’ on who’s holding back Mark Cuban from running for President

Watch this & then you’ll understand why ESPN wants Peyton Manning so bad to save MNF

Ohio Woman calls 911 to report her ‘pussy’ is on fire

Florida Man gets naked in pool enclosure, cops allege

Indy TV photographer beaten up bad while out trying to work

Hannah Ann has to like the Jets schedule

That Seems Hard To Do Video of the Week

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Burger of the Day

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January Jones Checks In, Stephen Jones Really Likes Dalton & Big Ben’s Offseason Workout Plan
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