January Jones Checks In, Stephen Jones Really Likes Dalton & Big Ben’s Offseason Workout Plan


Ended up watching a Nature episode on PBS where researchers deployed robot animals into the wild to get a better view of wildlife and how they operate. It was great, but it would’ve probably been even greater if I was on drugs. Might have to get some the next time I watch it. I hear the NFL is going to announce the 2020 schedule tonight via a 3-hour special. Not sure I can sit through that. Just give me the schedule and I’ll go about my night.

January Jones stops by from her pool

Kristin Cavallari calls Jay Cutler ‘lazy’ and ‘unmotivated’…this broad is a special kind of broad

Kate Middleton’s friend is hosting orgies for rich & famous during Rona

Stephen Jones really, really likes Andy Dalton…poor Dak, this isn’t going to go well

Jay Glazer on Big Ben’s offseason workouts…sounds like my kind of workouts

Florida Man’s tire blows out, thinks it’s a gunshot, calls police…then the real action starts

TV anchor does her homecast without pants on

Polina Malinovskaya is pretty good at her captions

My Summer Jam of 2020 of the Year

Sandwich of the Day


Victoria Justice Slimed, North Korea Might Be Using Kim Jong Un Body Double & Murder Hornet Murdered
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