‘Bachelor’ Hannah Ann & Mason Rudolph Hooking Up During Quarantine?

Bachelor actress Hannah Ann Sluss is dating Mason Rudolph

Well look what we have here…some quarantine romance between Mason Rudolph and ‘Bachelor’ star Hannah Ann Sluss. That’s the report from TMZ. Let’s be honest here, would you be shocked if this Hannah chick was chasing an NFL quarterback with a bad boy history? I wouldn’t. Bad boys get all the reality star ladies and it’s time for Mason Rudolph to do work. Let’s also think about the trajectory for ladies over the last decade or so — you get semi-famous and then you have to go find an athlete. We’re in the NFL quarterback era. It used to be you’d find an MLB starting pitcher (I’m thinking like a C.J. Wilson kinda guy), marry him and find yourself instantly loaded beyond belief.

Now we have these quarterbacks signing $40 million contracts and it’s going to go higher even if COVID destroys the advertising market. Hannah Ann knows now is the time to strike even if this doesn’t work out with Mason. Maybe she moves on to a guy like Joe Burrow. These chicks ARE NOT STUPID.