Michael Jordan’s Bodyguard John Michael Wozniak Died In January, Is Now An Internet Legend

John Michael Wozniak / via Twitter

The late John Michael Wozniak, one of Michael Jordan’s bodyguards, became a star Sunday night thanks to his gambling swagger while throwing coins against a wall and taking MJ’s money in the process. It turns out Wozniak, who died in January, was a decorated Chicago narcotics officer who eventually found himself protecting MJ and getting MJ tattoos.

From the Athletic:

John Michael Wozniak was a decorated Chicago narcotics officer who worked security at the old Chicago Stadium. Jordan developed an affinity for him early in his career when, while parking Jordan’s SUV, Wozniak accidentally shattered the back windshield after failing to account for the spare tire hanging on the vehicle’s rear. (Nicholi retweeted an anecdote describing the car in question as a Ford Bronco, although he says his dad told him it was a Chevy Blazer.)

Wozniak apologized to Jordan for the damage, telling him that he had a newborn (Nicholi) at home but would pay for the repairs upon receiving his next paycheck. Jordan appreciated the honesty and made special requests for Wozniak’s presence afterward.

And the rest is history. MJ had found a member of his detail. Wozniak even played a part in the Bow Wow incident at Jordan’s house when the rapper/actor wore AI shoes into the residence. As Bow Wow tells it, Jordan threw away the shoes and ordered Wozniak to get the kid some Jumpmans.

“John Michael” presumably refers to John Michael Wozniak, Jordan’s longtime personal security guard who was still handling security on the Highland Park property last year. Wozniak also mentioned that when he and others accompanied Jordan to a tattoo parlor in Chicago, the Bulls legend told them, “Put them on.” Wozniak and the rest of the entourage got Jumpman tattoos.

Wozniak, a U.S. Army veteran, was 69 when he died from colon cancer in January.

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