Dennis Rodman & Carmen Electra Had Sex “All Over” Bulls Practice Facility, Even On The Court

Carmen Electra is back in the news cycle thanks to her appearance during the Dennis Rodman episode of ‘The Last Dance’ where Michael Jordan retells the story about how Rodman told Phil Jackson that he needed a vacation and they agreed to let him go to Vegas for 48 hours. Electra, 48, shares some of her memories of those days and how great the party was. Eventually, Electra and Rodman started dating and she says they once had sex all over the Bulls practice facility.

From the NY Post:

“One day when the Bulls had an off day from practicing, Dennis said he had a surprise for me,” Electra told the paper. “He blindfolds me and we get on his motorcycle. When he finally takes my blindfold off, we’re standing at the Bulls practice facility, center court. It was crazy, like two kids in a candy store. We were eating Popsicles from the fridge and pretty much having sex all over the damn place — in the physical therapy room, in the weight room. Obviously on the court.”

“To be honest, I don’t think he’s ever worked out so hard in his life,” she added with a laugh.

It’s not like Dennis wasn’t a gentleman about it. He did marry Carmen in 1998, but it only lasted nine days before Dennis came to his senses and wanted in annulled. Electra talks him out of that and they stay married for five months before it had to end. Think about how crazy 1998 was for Carmen Electra. In August, her mother died of brain cancer, two weeks later her sister dies of a heart attack and then she marries Dennis in Vegas in November. BANANAS.

It’s easy for these Gen Zs and even the millennials to forget how popular Carmen Electra was during the late 90s. She hosted Singled Out for god’s sake. Multiple Playboy covers when it actually mattered in a big way. That’s a whole lotta star power banging on the Bulls practice facility court.

Let’s also not forget how Jordan got Rodman back from his Vegas trip. What a story. Good times.

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