Will You Play In A Casino That Looks Like This?

Dividers at casino tables could be coming soon / via Twitter

This week has been all about what casinos will look like once they reopen, which in the case of at least one Indian casino in Idaho it’ll open Friday with a mask requirement, and it is looking more and more like you’re going to see something you’ve never seen in your life — sneeze & cough plexiglass all over the place. Earlier this week it was blackjack plexiglass dividers. Now we’re seeing what it would look like if/when dividers are used at roulette tables and between slot machines.

The El Cortez in downtown Las Vegas is testing the dividers and they plan to have only three players at a gambling table.  From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Longtime downtown Las Vegas property the El Cortez is allowing Screaming Images to test out its creations on some of the machines and tables on the casino’s gaming floor, while allowing the company to showcase its idea to interested gaming properties.

“James is really one of our best vendors by far. Very reliable and very responsive. He owns the company and yet he’s still one of the ones that comes out for a new project,” said Adam Wiesberg, El Cortez general manager. “So when he reached out about this new technology, and with everything being such an unknown to us and the industry, any new idea that could potentially work to protect employees and customers we’re willing to take a look at. So letting him use our tables and slot floor to create, design and develop this new technology, we welcomed it.”

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