Casino Gambling Will Look Very Different After Coronavirus

Are dividers at blackjack tables the future of gambling? / via Twitter

What’s the future of casino gambling look like when casinos open up after coronavirus restrictions are lifted? According to a video reportedly from Margaritaville Resort Casino in Bossier City, LA, blackjack at casinos could look like you’re playing against a bank teller thanks to a plexiglass partition that would separate the dealer from the player and dividers that would separate players from each other.

Gaming guy @JoeTall spent part of Sunday tweeting about the plexiglass divider prototype you see below that just might be coming to Vegas. Isn’t an airborne disease capable of going over dividers? I’m no health expert, but I’d say there’s a good chance. Some believe the dividers are there to provide comfort to gamblers. Another layer of protection.

Louisiana is aiming for a May 1 re-open date, but it’s yet to be seen if casinos will be one of the businesses getting the green light. In Idaho, the Coeur d’Alene Casino is set to reopen Friday with safety measures in place.

In Idaho, the Coeur d’Alene Casino is set to reopen Friday with safety measures in place including “everyone to wear masks, increased distance between seating at restaurants, lounges and games, plexiglass barriers in some locations and enhanced cleaning.” From the casino’s Facebook page:

– Significant social distancing efforts including but not limited to, reduced and distanced seating at all restaurants and lounges, and every other gaming machine will be powered off to ensure physical distance between patrons. Plexiglas barriers have been installed in key locations across the property.
– Face masks or face coverings will be required for everyone on the Casino property.
– All concerts and large events have been rescheduled to later dates.
– Ongoing enhanced cleaning measures will include closing the casino from 3–7 a.m. daily for deep cleaning.

What about casino chips that people are handling nonstop inside a casino? How will a casino handle that situation?

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