Guess What These Two Were Arrested For Transporting

Minnesota Man and Minnesota Woman arrested for transporting about $1 million in meth / via Rice County Jail

Holy meth bust! Look what we have here out of Minnesota where Lucas and Katherine were (ALLEGEDLY) transporting a big pile of meth from Arizona to Minnesota. The stress of the job appears to have caused Katherine and Lucas to have some hair loss. I mean, you’re talking about some serious drug mule work here and doing it during coronavirus. That’s dedication to the game if I’ve ever seen dedication.

From the Star Tribune:

Lucas J. Madison, 39, of South St. Paul, and Katherine B. Campbell, 32, of Rochester, have Tuesday court appearances scheduled in Rice County in connection with their apprehension along Interstate 35 on April 14 in Faribault.

Madison remains jailed in lieu of $1 million bail on charges of transporting illicit drugs across state lines and a related felony drug count.

From the task force who’d been tracking these two:

Investigators suspected Madison had been making frequent trips to Arizona and hauling “large amounts of narcotics” back to Minnesota.

On April 14, Madison and Campbell were tracked in their truck by investigators on the ground and in the air traveling from Arizona and returning to Minnesota with a substantial haul of methamphetamine.

Drug agents stopped the suspects’ vehicle on I-35 in Rice County. A K-9 detected the narcotics in the passenger compartment.

A full search of the vehicle turned up a total of 25-plus pounds, including packaging, of methamphetamine.

The drugs seized have “an approximate street value of nearly $1 million,” the task force statement read.

This doesn’t appear to be Lucas’s first rodeo with the Minnesota penal system.

Lucas Madison arrested

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