Shelby Coleman Stops By, Dr. Oz Walks It Back & Patriots Win Total Seems High To Me–SyCjqcw-/

There are all sorts of football replays to fake watch today. You might as well go play video games instead of watching today’s selection. It’s pretty much just 2019 and you haven’t forgotten that season – yet. Just remember we’re a day closer to getting live golf on a Friday in June at The Memorial. It’ll be here before you know it.

Shelby Coleman gets Friday rolling

Dr. Oz: I misspoke about your kids risking it all to reopen schools

Now we have to worry about an Asian hornet invasion that could be coming

Bubba Wallace officially weighs in on Kyle Larson’s n-word bomb

Patriots win total gambling line is out and I’d hammer the under

This might be the headline of the year re: coronavirus in Africa

Dr. Phil’s not looking so great from this angle

Beba Sukic taught herself to skate during quarantine

Got All Of That One Quarantine Iron Work Video of the Week

Sandwich of the Day

Noel Capri Berry Stops By, Eli Manning Donates His Vette & Cindy Wants You To Sneeze On Her
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