Instagram Quarantine Models: Beba Sukic

My Instagram model source who sends recommendations knows my rules for ladies who get posted on BC — I need some sort of angle out of the ladies to create a post. I need a hook. IG Model Search Guy sends along the account of Beba Sukic, a German model: “I know you like them to come with stories but I don’t know what hers is.”

I take one look at Beba’s Instagram Story and it turns out she got bored during quarantine this week and today she taught herself how to skateboard. That’s right, out of the blue she teaches herself to skate after IG Model Search Guy says he doesn’t have an angle, but he thinks she’s a future star. Annnnnnnddddd we have a post.

Beba has over 200k followers and has done the Tour de IG Models around the world to all the hot content spots, but how many IG models out there can skate? I have to assume not many because I’ve looked through tens of thousands of IG model accounts and there aren’t too many talent shows going on if you know what I mean.

Love the hustle here from Beba. Learn a skill and differentiate yourself from all the other IG pretenders who just want to take the easy way out and not learn a life skill.

Beba Sukic teaches herself to skate – 1 Beba Sukic teaches herself to skate – 2
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