Iowa Woman Asks Cops To Check Her Drugs For Coronavirus, Gets Arrested

Iowa woman asked cops to check her drugs for coronavirus – allegedly

Iowa Woman Shawn Salmen (allegedly) asked cops to check her drugs for coronavirus and seemed to be trying to do the right thing during these difficult times. Sioux City, Iowa cops got her on a controlled substance violation and a felony drug tax stamp charge. A quick look at Salmen’s Facebook page shows us that she seemed to be trying to do her part during the virus by staying away from her family and staying home. Apparently, things got weird at some point over the weekend and she needed to know if her drugs were infected.

Did I mention Shawn lists her job as a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner at a mental health facility? Yeah, the coronavirus era has been hard on Ms. Salmen.

From KCAU:

Shawn Salmen, 53, has been charged with the felonies of failure to affix a drug tax stamp and controlled substance violation. She was also charged with first-offense of possession of marijuana.

Court documents said that Salmen drove to the Sioux City Police Department Sunday just after 1 p.m. Officers said she was showing signs of impairment through erratic behavior, paranoia, profuse sweating, and admitting to recent consumption of methamphetamine.

The documents said that Salmen asked officers to check her narcotics for COVID-19.

Cops went to her car and found the goods. She was arrested, sent to jail and eventually bonded out. Now it’s back to quarantine for Shawn as she awaits a future court appearance. Now if you’re thinking you saw something here on BC a couple weeks ago about a Florida police department offering to test drugs for coronavirus, you’d be correct. Turns out people will take cops up on the offer.

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