Florida Police Department Offers To Test Your Drugs For Coronavirus

Atlantic Beach police department will test your drugs for coronavirus / via Atlantic Beach Police Department

The Atlantic Beach, Florida police department is offering to test your drugs to make sure you’re not going to get coronavirus from those Chinese drugs you recently bought that could be carrying the deadly COVID-19. This is why you pay taxes along the Atlantic Ocean beach where the department works to keep people safe. You love to see a police department go out of its way to help citizens. If you would like to have your drugs tested, the department will send an officer out to your house so you don’t even have to leave.

From the Atlantic Beach Police Department:

Public Service Announcement: WARNING: if you have recently purchased cocaine, meth, heroin, or any other street drugs locally, it may be contaminated with the Corona Virus. Please bring the drugs to the police department and we will test them for free. If you’re not comfortable coming to the police department, we will send an officer to your house and they’ll test your illegal drugs in the privacy of your home! Please spread the word! 🤣😂👮‍♀️🚔💉💊💙

Laugh all you want at this joke from the AB Police, but this is Florida and Florida’s going to do Florida things and I would take the OVER (.5) of people who call the police to have theirs tested. We’re talking about drugged out idiots here. Drugged out Florida Man and Florida Woman. By the way, did you see the video Joe Rogan shared today showing the avocados loaded with cocaine?

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