Madi Edwards Stops By, Coach O Files For Divorce & Peyton Manning’s Pro Bowl Drinking Tales

ESPN’s showing the 2006 Rose Bowl. The Vince Young game. That’s tonight at 8. NFL Network’s showing the Seahawks vs. Broncos Super Bowl for some reason. That game still ends 43-8. And MLB counters with a bunch of World Series action that you still don’t care about. Look, I’m sitting on a sweetheart cable deal right now or I’d end it all. There’s a very good chance the summer won’t include sports so at this point I’m thinking of just going to Pluto TV, spend my summer listening to music and trying to stay sane. Only reason I had cable was to be able to switch between games quickly. Seems like we’re to the point where it has to be cut. I’m also thinking it might be time to go to a house phone.

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