Hannah Palmer Breaks Out The Corona Content

Instagram ladies keep doing their part to help the world forget — for 2-3 minutes — that coronavirus keeps making its way through the population one positive test at a time and Hannah Palmer steps up today to help change the narrative around here a little bit. No doom and gloom for Hannah. She’s Ms. Positivity. “Would rather be in Cancun than in quarantine,” Ms. Palmer wrote Wednesday on IG.  Oh hell yes I would, too, Hannah.

This job doesn’t offer many opportunities to get away from the computer. You throw in corona and now vacation is out of the question probably for the year. You have training camps in July. You have the seven month NFL season. Yep, the window is closing fast. That’s why this is a critical time for Hannah to dump out that A+ content. Her latest piece of art was actually sent to me by an associate who knows corona A+ content when he sees it.

Hannah, a Bang Energy model, and her fellow models have their work cut out during these dark times. I’ve said it all week, you put out A+ corona content and you’re headed straight to the IG HOF. People will never forget it.

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would rather be in Cancun than in quarantine @revolve

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