Jessica Alba Fires Up TikTok, Kirby Smart Didn’t Like Tiger King & Florida Man Thinks Dinosaurs Are Chasing Him

ESPN will show a Cavs-Warriors doubleheader tonight while CBSSN counters with Duke’s Final Four run from 2015. That’s your Wednesday night. I saw someone say on Twitter Tuesday that he’d started to get used to not having sports. I have to agree, it’s starting to sink in and all I can think of is how hard it’ll be to bring back sports when there are going to be corona flare ups all over the country when the curve is flattened. Will we all be required to wear masks at games? Is it even possible to enforce that at a sporting event? Will golf tournaments be capable of being held without patrons? Will 100k pack into a college football stadium? Ever been to the Grove for a tailgate? Sardines. Anyway, here’s the Dump.

Jessica Alba passing the time on TikTok

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Rudy Gobert’s back to work after being cleared of corona

Kirby Smart…not a Tiger King fan

Red Bull F1 chief told his drivers now is the time to get infected

Florida Man thinks dinosaurs are chasing him, enters Florida Woman’s house, gets shot

Classic dad moment as TV reporter’s trying to do a live shot from quarantine

Madi Teeuws makes mask out of her bra

Karen Is Fed TF Up Video of the Week

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