Joe Exotic’s Instagram Page, Jeff Lowe’s Selling Exotic Clothing & Jobs Joe Held After Leaving The Zoo

Welcome to the Tiger King Joe Exotic themed Daily Dump. I’ve never done one of these, but since we’re in the middle of lockdown week number three around here I thought it made sense to pump out a themed post. There’s plenty of Joe Exotic material you’ve never seen floating around out there. Did you know that Joe took a dishwasher job after running off from the Wynnewood Zoo?

Joe Exotic’s official Instagram page…this is the real deal…look at the date stamps on pics

Texas Monthly’s huge report on Joe from June 2019 including details on his jobs after leaving the zoo

NY Magazine feature on Joe Exotic from September 2019…the writer spent four years on it, craziness in here

Here’s the podcast that accompanies the NY Mag story…and an AMA from the writer

Dig into the Joe Exotic YouTube page video collection

Did Jeff Lowe gay bash Joe’s husband Dillon?

Jeff Lowe’s selling Joe Exotic’s clothes

Here’s Masha Diduk…Jeff Lowe’s ‘nanny’

Joe Exotic On The ‘N’ Word Video of the Week

Joe Exotic Pizza of the Day

The New Quarantine Drink of Choice is The Finnish Long Drink
The New Quarantine Drink of Choice is The Finnish Long Drink
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