Meet Masha Diduk – Jeff Lowe’s Nanny

Jeff Lowe has his hot nanny and her name is Masha Diduk, according to a post from the Oklahoma Zoo on Instagram. “OurĀ #hotnanny is here!!,” the account said over the weekend. You might remember in Tiger King where Jeff starts hunting for a hot nanny to take care of his kid that his wife, Lauren, was pregnant with. Masha Diduk seems to have gotten the job, but first she had to get acquainted with the cats at the Wnynnewood Zoo made famous by Joe Exotic, who’s sitting in federal prison while Jeff, Lauren and Masha turn the place into a tourist destination during a world pandemic.

Masha Diduk is Jeff Lowe’s new nanny, according to Jeff / via Instagram

Look, there’s a very good chance Masha won’t be taking care of Jeff’s kid. This appears to be another one of Jeff’s scams, this time for some new followers as everyone tries to cash in on the Tiger King craze while it’s hot. Masha’s over on IG with 212k followers. I have to assume she can find work in Vegas or L.A. that doesn’t include changing diapers out in the middle of Oklahoma. She travels all over the world for IG shoots. No way she’s watching a baby.

Jeff Lowe’s nanny Masha Diduk meets Allen, the hitman hired by Joe Exotic to kill Carole Baskin:

Jeff Lowe’s new nanny meets Allen, Joe Exotic’s hit man / via IG Story
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