The New Quarantine Drink of Choice is The Finnish Long Drink

The last couple of summers, spiked seltzers have been all the rage. They certainly had their moment and deservedly so because they have become a great summer drink to add to your arsenal. But if you want my prediction, the canned cocktail is going to take over the seltzer very soon. Canned cocktails are different because they are made with real liquor and flavorings instead of malt like a spiked seltzer. The latest canned cocktail on the scene is the Finnish Long Drink which has been a staple in Finland for years but is now arriving stateside with two monster celebrities backing them financially and commercially. Celebrity number one is maybe the most famous Finn in America, Bruins goaltender Tuuka Rask.

Celebrity number two is who really got me intrigued by the Long Drink, actor Miles Teller.

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a huge Miles Teller fan. It started when I was in high school and Project X came out and I thought it was legitimately the coolest movie ever made. Also, a major power move that Miles Teller just played Miles Teller in that movie even though he wasn’t really famous yet. Then, Miles and JK Simmons both put on phenomenal performances in one of the coolest movies of the decade, in my opinion, with Whiplash. Finally, the deal was sealed when War Dogs dropped. Maybe it’s because the first time I watched it I was hammered on a transatlantic flight to Italy but this was one of my favorite movies of the last decade. Jonah Hill and Miles Teller were an awesome duo and the movie is both hilarious and action-packed. I highly recommend watching it if you’ve never seen it.

So now that I’ve talked about my man-crush on Miles Teller that drew me into this drink, let’s get to this drink itself.

Let’s start with the can. The look of the can is very nice and I love that it’s a normal-sized can. The seltzers have made the slim cans all the rage recently but it’s nice to get back to a good ole fashion can that actually fits in my koozies. Then, after my first sip, I was hooked. The flavor is actually incredible and I immediately made my girlfriend try it because of how incredible that first sip was. It went from me having one to taste for this review to me drinking several throughout the night. This is not a paid ad so I have no obligation to say nice things but this is going to legitimately be my go-to drink this summer. It’s even more refreshing than a summer beer/seltzer and goes down just as easy. You could delete a sixer of these and not feel full or like you had too much sugar. It’s fantastic natural flavors and I will be continuing to drink these all summer. The free samples they hooked me up with will not last through this weekend and I will have to go out looking for more during the quarantine on Monday.

I should have known Miles Teller would invest in nothing but the best but I am all in on The Finnish Long Drink. The official Blakey Locks Drink of the Summer. Stamp it.

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