Baker Mayfield: I’ll Be In Better Shape This Season

Baker Mayfield says he’s going to come back in better shape this season / via Instagram

Is it possible that Baker Mayfield was eating cheesecake AFTER the (alleged) parking lot blowjobs behind the Cheesecake Factory at Crocker Park in suburban Cleveland? Word on the street (Rapsheet) is that Baker is hellbent on coming back for the 2020 season in “better shape” after a 2019 where he bulked up and lost speed. See below for an update on what Bake’s been up to this offseason that has seen him in the headlines a few times pretty much by accident.

There was Kacie Dingess claiming she blew Baker behind the Cheesecake Factory, then another woman called in to a radio show and said she had a similar rendezvous with Bake and then you had the whole thing Tuesday where ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi was caught on a hot mic calling Bake a “f**king midget.”

Now it’s time for Bake to steal back some of the spotlight on how he’s going to clean up the diet and get that speed back.

The second video slide below appears to be Baker doing work at Xceleration Sports Performance outside Austin, Texas:

Here’s Bake on his vacation after the end of the season that he has been on the last couple years with Saquon and friends:

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