Is Alabama About To Steal Oregon’s Handlebar Mustache Strength Coach?

Aaron Feld is the Oregon Ducks strength coach - for now

Aaron Feld is the Oregon Ducks strength coach – for now / via Instagram

There’s drama building in Tuscaloosa needs a new strength coach after Scott Cochran left Nick Saban for Kirby Smart leaving wide open the position of weight room screamer in chief…for Oregon‘s handlebar mustache weight coach Aaron Feld, perhaps? The Bama sleuths are out and about and think that Feld dropping Oregon from his Twitter bio is an indication that something is up. Is Saban about to turn over his weight room to a guy who left Georgia to go to Oregon?

Did I mention that Feld had a nine-month stint at Alabama under Cochran? Did I mention that Feld is a native of Homewood, Alabama, just 60 miles from Tuscaloosa? Did I mention Feld’s wife, Brittany, is also from Homewood? Folks, if I were a betting man, I’d throw a few bucks on Nick Saban getting his hands on Aaron Feld. Just a hunch feeling on this one.

Don’t forget what the word on the street was about the Oregon Ducks in 2019 — the were bigger than they’ve ever been in the past. They were way more physical and hit harder than we’ve seen out of Pac-12 teams over the last decade at least. Don’t think Nick didn’t take notice of that Rose Bowl against Wisconsin.

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