Kacie Dingess Claims She Had Affair With Baker Mayfield

Kacie Dingess says she had an affair with Baker Mayfield / via YouTube

Kacie Dingess, the woman who claimed to have had an affair with a married Baker Mayfield, went on Cleveland radio this morning to give details on what went on between her and the Browns quarterback. Dingess told Rover Radio that this all went down in Baker’s SUV behind the Cheesecake Factory in Westlake, Ohio.

Show notes that I took from the first 12 minutes of Rover’s interview with Kacie:

• All her friends knew. This happened a few months ago

• She’s 20 years old

• Says she went to preseason game, wore a Mayfield shirt, chugged a beer, sent him video of it, and sent pic of her shirt via Twitter. He followed her on Snapchat. It was a Baker burner account.

• Baker wanted her to show him that she was alone before he’d show his face on the Snap

• This all started in approximately August

• From there he texted, wanted pics, then wanted her to see him in Westlake behind Cheesecake Factory. She walked to his SUV, opened the door and it was him. Got into the front of the SUV, some small talk, got in the back seat, she gave oral, Baker didn’t return the favor and that was that

• She never met him out again

• One time he offered to pay her gas to meet him

Kacie also shows the Rover crew what they all say are Baker dick pics. Another woman called in with a similar story from back in December 2018 and it was at Crocker Park, the outdoor mall in Westlake where Kacie hooked up with Baker. She says Baker was in a Range Rover, they chatted, got in the back, got down to business, oral and Baker wanted to check her phone before she left. “He was not that memorable in my opinion,” the caller said.


Kacie Dingess says these are the pics and videos that got Baker Mayfield’s attention / via Kacie Dingess


Crocker Park Cheesecake Factory Westlake Ohio / via Google


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