Guys Take Golf Cart For A Joy Ride Around Tiger Stadium…New Turf’s Going Down

Guys go for a ride around Tiger Stadium in a golf cart while LSU is working on installing new turf for next season / via Instagram

LSU fans are still high AF on life after Joe Burrow took them on that magical run to a national championship and what better way to keep the buzz going than going on a joyride around turfless Tiger Stadium in what appears to be a golf cart. Campus cops claim they’re looking into this video that was posted Monday showing the two guys living life and having some fun out in the middle of Tiger Stadium. Knowing LSU like I kinda know LSU, the cops aren’t looking into this very hard.

From WBRZ:

The school removed the turf from Tiger Stadium at the end of the 2019 season to make way for renovations. University officials previously said the new turf field is slated to be laid down in May.

The stadium has had a history of college-aged intruders breaking in after dark. In 2017, three separate break-ins were reported at the stadium in less than a month’s time.

Here’s how you handle this: kudos to the guys for figuring out how to get out on the field in a golf cart. That’s all. Maybe the next time the workers won’t leave the keys in the golf cart and they won’t be able to go for a ride. The good news here is that the joyriders didn’t go into a locker room and take a Gatorade bottle and get slapped with a felony charge like the two teens in Nashville from a couple weeks ago.

Now that you’re aware LSU tore up its turf, this is a good time to remind you that the school’s spring game has been moved to Southern University.

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