Buy A New England Patriots Suburban That’s Seen Some Winning

It’s that time of year when tailgating rides are taking up space in the driveway, they’re looking horrible, wives are telling their husbands it’s time to grow up and taxes are about to be due. Add it all up and this is the time of year when guys start unloading their tailgating rides at a rapid pace. Back in the day I had a reporter who handled this beat. Not now, it’s back to being my responsibility so here we go.

From the seller:

98 Suburban 4×4. I have owned this truck for a long time, only used for tailgating at football games over the last 10 years or so, its fun to drive gets lots of attention wherever you take it. Has approx 170k miles on it and runs and drives great, also has a power inverter for tv or whatever. I have taken it to many games at Gillette and trips to buffalo, giants stadium, pittsburg, and washington games. I would not hesitate to get in this truck and drive anywhere. Interior is very clean, paint still shines and looks good, bottom of quarter panels are starting to get rusty and will need some rust repair. Upgrading to a bus for next season , come drive it home. 2500.00

I’m not telling you what to do here, but I recommend a mechanic take a look at this Suburban before you drop $2,500. I’m talking a very thorough analysis because we’re talking about a 22-year-old ride that has seen a whole lotta wear. Think about all the playoff games. Think of all the celebrations. Think of all those wild nights getting rowdy.

Now try to figure out why the guy is selling. Is the transmission going to drop out of it? Is Tommy leaving and Patriots fans know there’s a dark period coming? Is the motor about to blow? So many questions and landmines with this one – IMO.

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