Teens Arrested For Felony Burglary For Stealing Gatorade At Titans Stadium

Teens arrested for stealing Gatorade bottle from Titans Stadium / via Metro Nashville Police Department

Two teens are facing felony burglary charges after police arrested them early this morning for stealing a 20 oz. Gatorade bottle from Nissan Stadium in Nashville where the Titans play. Seth Pickering (left), 19, of Westfield, IN and Joshua Meek, 19, of Northville, MI allegedly jumped a fence at the stadium and made their way to a locker room where they got a Gatorade from a cooler.

From Nashville Scoop, the best news source in Nashvegas:

The burglary was of Gatorade in a 20 oz. bottle, the location was the Titan’s Locker Room. During questioning, police say the pair admitted to jumping the fence near the garbage area at Gate 5. Once inside, they progressed down through the stadium seating and onto the field, where they took the tunnel into the locker room. As they were taking Gatorade from a cooler, they were interrupted by security.

That’s right, a felony slapped on the fellas for this one. FELONY. Look, I’m not a legal scholar, but I have to think this one is reduced when push comes to shove. The court is going to scare them a little bit here with the whole FELONY thing, but then it’s going to be reduced and they’re going to get community service.

Now comes the part where I have to figure out where they documented all of this. TikTok? Snap? IG? No way I’m searching through Snap. My guess is their attorney advised them to delete everything after getting out of jail this weekend. That said, if you come across these guys documenting the burglary, let’s see it.

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20 oz Gatorade / via Gatorade
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