Myles Garrett Claims Mason Rudolph “Called Me a Stupid N-Word” During ESPN Interview

Myles Garrett officially got reinstated by the NFL earlier this week and thought it was the right time to break his silence. He had (wisely) not really been out in the open much since his suspension, but he decided to hop on an interview with ESPN’s Mina Kimes and they got into the deep stuff.

It initially leaked that Myles said Rudolph called him the n-word during his appeal to the NFL. As he said in the interview, he didn’t want it to leak because he didn’t want it to seem like he was making excuses, and I believe him there. So to repeat it again on this scale says a lot. If it wasn’t true I feel like he would just kind of let that go but the fact that he’s sticking hard to that story and even expanding with more detail makes me believe him more and more. Also, everything we have ever seen from Myles Garrett is that he is an incredibly good guy and is spending his offseason getting clean drinking water for poor African kids.

The only thing to wait on now is whether the NFL will attempt to investigate this further. They originally claimed that they had no mics on the field so they have no recording of what was being said during the incident but that is a crock of shit. Every NFL Films video ever tells me every single player on the field can be heard at anytime. If Mason Rudolph really said what Myles Garrett is alleging then the NFL is 100% just trying to cover their own ass and not have to deal with the shitstorm of one of their premiere franchises’ starting quarterback calling someone the n-word.

It’ll be interesting to watch the rest of the interview and see if anything else juicy comes out and to see if anything comes from it from either the NFL or Mason Rudolph. But for now, as Cleveland’s adopted son, I must stand strong with Myles Garrett. Welcome back, king.

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