Super Bowl Streaker Kelly Kay Released From Jail, Promises This Is Just The Beginning

Super Bowl failed streaker Kelly Kay is claiming getting arrested without getting on the Hard Rock Stadium turf for her planned streak was a huge success because her arrest is getting so much attention around the world from the tabloids, but let’s be real here the only reason she’s getting attention is because she is hot, has big cans and guys clicking on such posts are never getting a girl of Kelly Kay’s Kaliber.

Look at the photos posted below of Kelly being released from jail. She’s being released at the same time as a Chiefs fan who, according to @kingvitaly, ran on the field after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. Nobody knows the guy’s name. What this all tells me is that you really don’t need to even get on the field anymore. Just have phones recording everything and you’re good. Get arrested quick, get the content, go to jail, spend like 14 hours in the pen and you’ll go viral — if you look like Kelly Kay.

Super Bowl streaker Kelly Kay released from jail

I see @kingvitaly throwing out promises of $3,000 for streakers. “THE MOST HILARIOUS STREAK WINS $3,000, VILLAINS SHOW ME THAT YOU GOT SOME BALLS.” What if it’s not hilarious? You go to jail and don’t get the money? I’ll need to see some contractual details here.

Kelly, according to her IG Story, celebrated getting out of jail by going out to a Miami club early this morning and watching dancers climb on stripper poles. I’ve always heard that going to jail, even if it’s for overnight, will make you enjoy the finer things in life like hitting up Miami clubs on a Tuesday morning. Not going to lie, I hope Kelly has something up her sleeve for the Kentucky Derby. That’s a place you never see streakers as the thoroughbreds are coming down the home stretch. Let’s see Vitaly get one of his IG models to pull off that stunt. I’d buy that PPV.

Kelly Kay celebrates getting out of jail for trying to streak the Super Bowl / via IG Story

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