What Can Guests Expect At Edgerrin James’ 2020 Stripper Bowl?

Edgerrin James Stripper Bowl 2020 takes place tonight in Miami / via Instagram

Tonight is the big night for Edgerrin James — his 2nd annual Stripper Bowl takes place in Miami at some massive dome where there have been Super Bowl parties the last several days and the biggest party of them all comes tonight as strippers battle it out for their share of $1 million in singles that are expected to be launched into the air by guys who still have partying left in the tank after a crazy week.

Edge was fitted this morning for his Pro Football Hall of Fame gold jacket and had his face measured and analyzed for the bust that will reside in Canton. It was a busy day and it will only get busier as Edgerrin is in charge of this Stripper Bowl. Name another HOFer who has had such responsibility. YOU CAN’T.

Not going to lie, wish my white ass was in the Dome tonight to soak in the ambiance of this party.

Here’s what the 2019 Stripper Bowl looked like — the SFW Instagram version:




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