Super Bowl Streaker Kelly Kay Fails At Her Mission

Instagram model Kelly Kay was sent on a mission to streak Super Bowl LIV but it was blown up by security, according to footage from her friend Colleen McGinniss who was in the stands recording the action as it went down at Hard Rock Stadium.

You might remember how Instagram jokester @KingVitaly has been trying to send streakers out onto the field at major sporting events. This appears to have been just the latest trick he had up his sleeves. In 2019, Vitaly sent a streaker onto the pitch at the Champions League finals match that created all sorts of headlines. Now comes Kelly Kay and her failed mission, but this will still get reaction on social media for obvious reasons.

The Post and pretty much every other tabloid will jump on this train. Great content.

Kay’s friend and fellow model Colleen McGinniss posted video on social media of Kay trying to strip down even as she was being taken away.

“You go bitch!! Look at that ass,” McGinniss wrote. She added on Twitter, “You go babe, I love you.”

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