Joe Burrow & Real Estate Agent Connie Bates At BW3 In Mason, Ohio

Joe Burrow and real estate agent Connie Bates outside a BW3 in Mason, Ohio / via Twitter

Is Joe Burrow already looking for real estate in Mason, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati? That’s reportedly superstar real estate agent Connie Bates with Burrow outside a Mason Buffalo Wild Wings on Sunday which has Cincinnati fans thinking Joe’s looking to strike fast in the real estate market since he’ll be drafted by the Bengals.

Maybe Joe’s doing the unthinkable and looking into buying The Beach waterpark and making it great again. One could only hope. Or maybe he just ran into Connie while out grabbing chunks and watching the playoff games. So many questions to be answered on this one, but what’s 100% clear is that Joe was in Mason. Keep in mind Joe Burrow’s girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher, is from Mason so again, there are many angles to this developing situation.

So here are the scenarios I can think of:

(1.) Burrow’s looking for a house to buy in suburban Cincinnati; he’s 23, done with the hustle and bustle of living the condo life, wants a yard to mow, a legit man cave, BBQs with the neighbor guys

(2.) Connie just happened to be walking out/in BWW and ran into Burrow and got a photo and it just happens that she’s a big time real estate agent in town

(3.) That’s about all I can think of right now; it’s a long way from Mason to the Bengals practice facility, especially with that I-71 traffic

Hey Connie!

Here are some others that ran into Burrow in Mason:

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